This week my transformation is about my client Michelle. She has been one of my best clients with both her results and her attitude. She has changed the way she views food, and has lost 3 sizes and developed a love for weight training which is really driving her on.
But let me tell you her story…… On October 2015 she started taking Pop Pilates with me on regular base, 2x times per week. As well she was taking Cage fitness classes regularly at that time. She lost a lot of weight but gained most of it back. Then on October 2016 as her trainer I have held her accountable to her goals completely change her views on nutrition and have varied her training to keep her motivated throughout the process. I have expert knowledge and I’m able explain each step of the process and can quickly identify if changes to the plan are need. Throughout the process I think I can tell I have been a great support and after working with her for last 6 months she now feel fit enough to perform exercises which she never thought she would”. She almost reached her goal, so she became comfortable. Once she made her minded made fitness a lifestyle changes, she stayed consistent. Very proud of you Michelle! I keep asking questions before I start train with a client. Why?
Because mindset is key to success.
If you maintain the old school mentality of yo yo dieting, losing weight solely for events & summer you’re going to continually fail.
And I don’t like my clients to fail. Take action, take back your life!!

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  1. Martina has taught me that challenging myself both physically and mentally will keep me on track!!! Thank you for the amazing support and for introducing me to such amazing ladies!!! Together we’ve got this!!!


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